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The word "biodiversity" is a shortened version of the term "biological diversity" and simply means "the variety of life on earth". This means everything from blue whales to bacteria, from ospreys to otters and from the tallest tree to the smallest toadstool. Conserving biodiversity and all the complicated natural systems which it supports, is vital to the survival of the planet and of human life itself.

Cumbria Biodiversity Partnership, an organisation made up of national and local government bodies, conservation charities, businesses and rural interests, was set up to co-ordinate the production of a Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) for Cumbria. The LBAP has 39 Species and Habitat Action Plans covering over 700 individual actions designed to conserve and / or enhance a range of threatened species and habitats of both local and national importance.

Cumbria Biodiversity Partnership administers a pot of money, The Small Projects Contingency Fund , giving grants up to 1000 in support of projects meeting biodiversity priorities in Cumbria. Please contact the Local Biodiversity Manager for more details of how to apply.

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